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Numerical model of a compressible multi-fluid fluctuating flow

Sunday 6 December 2009, by Berthon Christophe, Nkonga Boniface


In the present work, we consider the numerical approximations of multi-fluid compressible fluctuating flows. Assuming that the flow is composed by non mixing compressible fluids, we derived a modellization that can be view as an extension of the standard compressible (k, epsilon) one. This model is fundamentally in non conservation form (the coupling between fluids and turbulence involves non conservative products) and the usual finite volume methods fail. The nonlinear projection scheme is used to preserve, at the discrete level, the main properties of the model. The numerical computations are performed on the Richtmeyer-Meshkov instability to validate the approach and to measure the influence of fluctuations.

Date of publication : May 2005

Paper presented by: Professor Jean Marc Herard

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