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Verification of a two-phase flow code based on an homogeneous model

Thursday 10 November 2016, by HELLUY Philippe, Hurisse Olivier, Le Coupanec Erwan


We present some verification test cases applied to a code developed at EDF R&D for the simulation of two-phase flows with mass transfer. The aim of this code is to allow the simulation of a wide range of industrial situations by considering all the thermodynamic disequilibria between the phases - pressure, temperature and chemical potential- and by assuming the kinematic equilibrium - a single velocity for both phases. The under- lying homogeneous model [1, 13] is based on the Euler system of equations supplemented by a complex pressure law describing the behaviour of the mixture of the two phases. Different first-order schemes are compared on the basis of two analytical solutions: a classical Riemann problem and a steady-state heated pipe test.

Key words : Homogeneous model, two-phase flows, verification.

Paper presented by: Jean-Marc Hérard

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