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OpenCL simulations of two-fluid compressible flows with a random choice method

Wednesday 10 July 2013, by HELLUY Philippe, Jung Jonathan

Abstract In this paper, we propose a new very simple numerical method for solving liquid-gas compressible flows. Such flows are difficult to simulate because classic conservative finite volume schemes generate pressure oscillations at the liquid-gas interface. We extend to several dimensions the random choice scheme that we have constructed in [2]. The extension is performed through Strang dimensional splitting. The resulting scheme exhibits in- teresting conservation and stability properties. For achieving high perfor- mance, the scheme is tested on recent multi-core processors and GPUs, using the OpenCL environment.

Key words : OpenCL, GPU, two-fluid compressible flow, Lagrange- projection, Glimm, Strang splitting

Paper presented by JM Hérard and T. Gallouët on July, 10, 2013

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